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Kyushu University Academic City Plan

The goals of the Kyushu University Academic City

Significance of the plan

The Kyushu University Science City Plan is a comprehensive integration of the Academic and Technology Basic Plan, the National General Development Plan, the Northern Kyushu Science City(Asias Kyushu) concept that emphasizes stronger links between Fukuoka and Saga prefectures and the nations of Asia, and the ongoing restructuring and relocation of Kyushu University. The goal is to create a regional knowledge hub and knowledge clusters in the region appropiate for the 21st century: the Age of Knowledge.

Area covered by the plan

The plan stretches over the area from Fukuoka City to Karatsu City, running along the Genkai Sea.
Primary Region:The entire Itoshima Peninsula, centering on the Kyushu University campus, forming the daily living region.
Secondary Region:The area within a half-day's travel from the new Kyushu University campus, between Fukuoka City and Karatsu City.

エリア地図 アクセス

Key concepts in the plan

a)Four guiding principles

・Realization of a cooperative society
・Utilization of creativity
・Exchange with Asia and the world
・Development of new industry

b)Two cores

・A regional science and technology system to promote knowledge exchange and creative activity
・A newly-developed area to serve as the base for knowledge related, residential and leisure time activities.

Future image of the Kyushu Univercity Academic City(based on status as of FY 2002)

研究・研修系ゾーンResearch/training zone
居住・研究系ゾーンResidential/research zone
研究・産業系ゾーンResearch/industrial zone
居住・レク系ゾーンResidential/recreation zone
研究・研修系ほたるRegional Core(HOTARU) of research/training
居住・研究系ほたるRegional Core(HOTARU) of residential/research
研究・産業系ほたるRegional Core(HOTARU) of research/industrial
居住・レク系ほたるRegional Core(HOTARU) of residential/recreation
複合系Regional Core(HOTARU) of composite
九州大学新キャンパスNew Kyushu University Campus
市街地形成ゾーンUrbanized zone
計画道路Planned roadway
行政界Administrative boundary

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