Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University

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Outline of OPACK

Date of Establishment

October 1, 2004

Establishment aim

Kyushu University has an important role as a knowledge base in Kyushu and Asia, and each university research field is at the world-class level. However, many of research projects do not yet sufficiently reflect industrialization or economic development in the commercial region. In looking at the next 15 years from fisical year 2005, Kyushu University will become an integrated institution and transfer to the west area of Fukuoka urban area. The Academic City will become an intelligent, alternating current base in Japan and Asia. The ITO new campus is to be the nucleus. For these circumstances, OPACK was established for linking the utilization of Kyushu University intelligent resources research results with the commercialization demands in the industrial world,

1、Cooperation of industry, academic, and government

2、Research, examination and information services for location promotion for corporate and research institutes

3、Survey and research related to advanced technology

and attempting the activation of the regional economy.

Main Operations

  • Public relations for the Academic City
  • R&D and support businesses through joint research in industry academia and government
  • Investigation and provision of information for location promotion for corporate research institutes
  • Exchange support operations for industry and university cooperation
  • Preparation and promotion of various functions to the central station (HST:Human, Science and Technology Station) of knowledge

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